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Tamil Nadu Wetlands Mission

To Aid and help the State Wetland Authority on matters relating to Conservation, Management, Protection and Implementation of Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules 2017 and to ensure collaboration and co-operation of various departments for the successful management of the Wetlands at the District level, the District Level Wetland Management Committee was reconstituted vide G.O. (Ms).No. 132, Environment and Forests (FR5) Department, dated 13.11.2019.

Composition of District Level Wetland Management Committee:

Sl.No Name of Post Designation in the Committee
1 District Collector Chairman
2 District Revenue Officer Member
3 Project Officer, District Rural Development Agency Member
4 Superintendent Engineer / Executive Engineer, Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board/ Chennai Metro Water supply and Sewage Board. Member
5 Superintendent / Executive Engineer, Water Resources Organization, Public Works Department of the District. Member
6 Assistant Director of Town Panchayat Member
7 Executive Engineer/ Assistant Executive Engineer Agriculture Engineering Department Member
8 District Environmental Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board Member
9 Regional Deputy Director, town and Country Planning Department Member
10 An expert on Wetland Management and conservation to be nominated by the Chairman. Member
11 District Forest Officer / Deputy Director / Wildlife Warden Member Secretary.

Functions of the District level Wetland Management Committee

• To be responsible for management and conservation of Wetlands in the District and will be accountable to the Tamil Nadu State Wetland Authority.

• It may recommend any activity related to development and management of any wetlands to Tamil Nadu State Wetland Authority for approval.

• It may co-opt experts and specialists in Technical and Scientific fields to undertake study, work as may be required from time to time.

• To be responsible for preparation of Brief Document on prioritized wetlands as well as delineating zone of influence.

• Formulate District Wetland Inventory Team for collecting data as well the delineation of boundary and zone of influence of enlisted wetlands to enable field validation. The team will involve assessment based on the scientific sampling as well as data derived from stakeholder consultations and indigenous traditional knowledge. After detailed assessment and to ensure standardization, the team will prepare the brief report on prioritized wetlands.

• To be entrusted with the responsibility of managing district level database.

• Oversee and monitor the water sources available in the respective Districts, Eco system services, factors adversely affecting the wetlands, analysis of Wetland Management needs, etc.,

• Enforcement of Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2017 in the respective Districts.

• To interact with the line departments viz., Revenue, Forest, Agricultural Engineering, Publics Works, Water Supply and Drainage Board and Local bodies.

• Function as advisory body for smooth functioning of the State Wetland Authority.

• Implementation of schemes allocated by the Government of Tamil Nadu and State Wetland Authority from time to time.