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Suchindram Theroor Wetland Complex

Suchindrum Theroor Wetland complex is part of the Suchindrum-Theroor Manakudi Conservation Reserve. Area covered 94.229 ha. Commonly known as Suchindrum Eri & Theroor kulam; located at Kanniyakumari Dist. of Tamil Nadu State; is a Protected Area; declared as Conservation Reserve as per Sec 36 A of Wild Life Protection Act 1972; Env.& Forest Dept.,G.O.(Ms)No.41, Dated:19.3.2015. Theroor tank receives water from Thovalai channel, Suchindram tank receives water from Pazhaiyar river Channel. The wetland complex lies at intermittent point of Kodaiyar river drainage system, where water stored at Perunchanidam, Pechipparai and Kodaiyar dams is released into channel which drains thousands of ponds. Theroor and Suchindram play the primary role off buffering by acting as a sponge during events of floods and extreme rainfall. It is major source of ground water recharge. There is a significant runoff from the surrounding catchment area and the wetland acts as a sink for sediments.

Salient Features


Criterion 2 : supports threatened species like spot-billed pelican (nt), oriental darter (nt), black-headed ibis (nt), indian mottled eel (nt), indonesian short-fin eel (nt) and indian flap-shelled turtle (vu).
Criterion 3 : supports birds (135), reptiles (23)amphibians (7), odanates (15), butterfly (60), fishes (16) and mammals (10) for maintains the biological diversity of the bio geographic region.
Criterion 4 : supports species like oriental darter (nt), spot-billed pelican (nt), black headed ibis (nt) and indian flap-shelled turtle (vu) at a critical stage of their life cycle by providing suitable breeding habitats.
Criterion 6 : supports 1% population of black headed ibis (vu).
Criterion 7 : supports feeding, breeding and migration of several indigenous fish species, including two species of near threatened eels.



Site NameSuchindram-Theroor Wetland Complex
Site No 2492
Declaration Date 13.08.2022
Designated Date 08.04.2022
Co-Ordinates 08°09’03’’N - 77°27’14’’E
Area Extent ( Hectare) 94.23
District Kanyakumari
Elevation ( meters) 30
Depth (m) 3 to 4
Rainfall (mm) 1460
Salinity (ppt) 0.389
Wetland Type Fresh water lake
Soil Mineral
Water pH 7.5
Water TDS ppm 136
Water Conductivity μS/cm 176

RAMSAR Certificate