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World Wetlands Day : Feb 2nd, 2023

World Wetlands Day is celebrated annually on Feb 2nd, marking the day of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on Feb 2nd 1971, to raise awareness about the value of Wetlands. Every year a dedicated theme is selected to focus attention and help raise public awareness about the value of wetlands. The theme for this year World Wetlands Day is "Wetlands and Biodiversity.”

This year, Tamil Nadu State Wetland Authority along with Conservation Authority of Pallikaranai Marshland is celebrating the State level function by organizing various activities like panel discussions, cultural programmes, exhibitions/ painting competitions/ Quiz contests at different levels in which experts, students, stakeholders, policy planners etc., will be involved. Students under different category (Schools/ Colleges) and stakeholders will be encouraged to participate in essay, slogan, painting, quiz, Photography competitions on wetland themes and prizes will be distributed. This is being done to sensitize the stakeholders and communities at the grass root level in the vicinity of wetlands and to sensitize people about values and functions of wetlands and the need for their conservation in a sustainable manner.

World Wetlands Day Celebration - Pallikaranai eco park - 02.02.2023

World Wetlands Day Celebration - District Level - 02.02.2023