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Tamil Nadu Wetlands Mission


Wetlands offers multitude of ecosystem services which have significant impact on the socio-economic sphere of our lives. Millions of people depend on wetlands for their livelihood. Wetlands play a critical role in water purification, ground water replenishment, drought, and flood management. Conservation of wetlands is of utmost importance in securing water and food. Even though climate change could alter the wetland, the role of wetlands has become even more important in the light of its ability to mitigate climate change. Wetlands are particularly impacted by climate change, especially sea-level rise, coral bleaching because of increased sea surface temperatures and changing hydrology in inland waters. Wetlands are known to be repositories of carbon and are considered as "carbon sinks".

Wetlands are natural climate regulators as they play an important role in maintaining water balance in an ecosystem. innumerable plant and animal species thrive in wetlands. Wetlands also offer refuge to millions of migratory and resident birds and are hotspots for biodiversity. It is a well-known fact that wetlands attract large number of tourists. Protection of wetlands and their conservation are therefore essential for the survival of living beings.

Government of Tamil Nadu is committed to protect its wetlands through a comprehensive conservation and management plan. During the Budget speech for the year 2021-22, the Hon'ble Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management has made the following Announcement among others.

"Under the leadership of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, this Government will launch the 'Tamil Nadu Wetlands Mission' with the objective of ecological restoration of wetlands in Tamil Nadu. The Mission will identify and map 100 wetlands in 5 years and restore the ecological balance with focus on livelihood options at a cost of Rs.150 crores".

Accordingly, Government of Tamil Nadu have decided to implement the Tamil Nadu Wetlands Mission for a period of five years from 2021-2022 to 2025-2026 for an amount of Rs.115.15 crores.

Objectives of the Mission